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When is my FTTB installation going to happen?

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Short story, I moved to a new appartment and signed up for FTTB. After that, a support guy called me saying that there are no slot left for FTTB in my building and I have to wait 20 days so they can "figure it out".
My 2 tenants are about to leave when I tell them they have to wait 3 weeks for internet

Honestly, if there is no slot left then why bother telling me to wait? Do you guys put your customer on hold like that after they have paid the upfront ?

If you guys cannot deliver the service, give me back my money so I can go find another provider.

Appreciate if someone can solve this.

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Community Manager

Hi @toquangtue,

 Welcome to the community.


I have just checking with our FTTB wholesaler to see if there is an upgrade scheduled for your building to supply more ports.


Our FTTB wholesaler is currently working with your building administrator to resolved the issue.


I will update you within 24 hours of the progress.




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I'm still waiting
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Having the same issue, its been a month for me. Ridiculous.

Hi @namnguyen82,


I checked the account and understand that you were able to speak to one of our Service delivery Case managers. Currently, all of the ports in the building have been already in use. The network upgrade is under evaluation for us to provide more ports for our TPG FTTB service.


Your case manager will be in touch after a week to provide further updates as agreed.


Thank you for your patience.

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Thanks for the update.

Ive had contact email verification from building council and tpg rep that upgrades have previously been approved. Id be more than happy to forward them to you.

You are welcome @namnguyen82.


Great! Yes, please shoot me a message with that attachment so I can forward it to our Service delivery team.


Thank you.

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Hi @toquangtue,


I checked the account, unfortunately, we don't have any other update rather than the one given by your Case manager. All of the ports in the building are in use, but this is being monitored for any changes in the building.


Your case manager will contact you next week to provide more update with the order.


Kind regards,

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Ive responded direct to email.