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Why do I have to change?

Level 2
I have TPG wireless internet and I recently moved. So I rang TPG to change my address only to be told the wireless network won’t work properly here and I had to get NBN connected at an extra $15.00 a month. Being on a disability pension I can’t afford that.
My question is why did I have to change to nbn when the wireless internet is working fine

Hi @Waynefaucett, welcome to TPG Community!


We do not recommend using the Home Wireless service in an address where we can guarantee that it has not been tested and/or will function as expected. Furthermore, in a scenario where you may encounter issue with your connection, there could be possibility that we may not be able to investigate as the address is not supported in the first place.


You can send us a private message with your new address so we can confirm the availability of the Home Wireless at your location.