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Why tpg keeps charging me

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I submitted my cancellation notice online two weeks ago and called your team last week to cancel my nbn plan. The lady on the phone told me that my nbn has been cancelled and TPG will not be my nbn provide from last week. I asked her to send me a mail or message to confirm the cancellation but I never received it. I also wrote a mail to request a confirmation; until now I have not received any response from TPG.


On 01/07/2024 TPG charged me and took money from my bank without my permission for nbn service from 06/07/2024 to 05/08/2024. How can I have two nbn providers at the same time? Obviously I was charged for nothing and this is not acceptable. I would like TPG to response to matter and refund for this payment.


I have been a TPG customer for years including 2 of my mobile phone services; this is what I get from TPG. I don’t really feel TPG is a reliable company now so I might consider switching my mobile phone services too if TPG does not take this seriously.

Community Manager

Hey @oasis19922002,


We require a 30 days notice for cancellation. You can check out our terms and conditions here:


Service Description and Terms – NBN | TPG website 


If you want us to double check the status of your cancellation, feel free to send me a private message.

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Of course I need you to update the status of my cancellation. Please help