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Wifi Perfect, no internet via ethernet

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Hi Guys,

I cannot connect either my work phone or the dinosaur pc to the internet via any of the LAN ports . My work phone is voip so i just plug it in a port and off i go, it says no service and my PC cannot detect a network. If it was just the PC i would think that there was a software issue but for the phone not to work, something is not right. I have tried a secondary modem, changed all cables etc, had my IT guys at work try to help, no one can figure it out. I cannot get onto the gateway for the the modem via my laptop today, i was able to last night briefy and reset the modem from there and have also reset unplugged replugged everything. The Lan ports are a solid green on the modem.

Any ideas?



Hi Nessa


It may be a modem faulty. Are you able to test with a different device?.

I could try to get in touch with the technical support, so if you can provide PM your CID and username