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Worst service ever !

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Well my story begins as all terrible stories do on Wednesday. I had my NBN installed with the NBN12 plan. I called and asked to change to NBN50 as it was slower than I expected.

Well the TPG operator told me it would take a few hour to a day to change. So I waited.


I called on Thursday and was promised a call back it would be fixed with in day.


Friday no call back. I called again. Same talk. I would get a call back it would take 24 hours.


Saturday no call back. So I call again. This time no one from Australia is home and I have to wait till Monday. Moron does not even no Monday is a public holiday and I will be waiting till Tuesday I guess.


Whats the bet I could churn my account to another ISP faster than my account can be upgraded ?

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Hi @LadiesMan127 Have you tried a modem reboot so that it refreshes the ppp connection? For the record it's not a public holiday for the majority of Australia, the 11/3/2019 is a normal business day in NSW, QLD, WA & NT.

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Everyday since Wednesday. The excuse is there is a thread on my account that should close in 24 hours before new changes can be made. That thread has been there since Wednesday and every time I call its there and I have to wait 24 hours.

Every time I call the person takes ownership and ensures me they will call back. They dont.

The guy today was a moron however and said nobody in australia was available and I have to wait until monday. 



Hi @ LadiesMan127, 


We are in the process of removing the codes from ADSL to NBN. Plan change to NBN  was completed on 2019-03-06, Telstra advises us that they can complete the request on Tuesday March 12. Once the initial request is completed, we can go ahead and change your plan to NBN50. One of our Plan Change Specialists is monitoring your account. 


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Ok thankyou, I will wait until then.


You're welcome@ LadiesMan127 Thank you for your understanding about this matter. Please don't hesitate to reach out should you need further assistance with your TPG service.