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Youtube and not working via new NBN HFC

Level 2

Last week migrated from TPG ADSL to NBN100 with phone
NBN installed and tested as working
TPG supplied modem/router installed connected and working
Desktop PC cabled directly to modem/router ethernet port - connected and works - network is UP
Desktop PC wifi connected to modem/router tested and works  - network CONNECTED
General internet connectivity works per normal with either ethernet or wifi connection - nice and FAST

THE BAD: site loads up but after clicking START it fails to find server and times out page loads and can search for content but  content will not play - blank black player screen with Loading Icon rotating . . .

> try both Chrome and Edge - neither works
> completely disabled PC Antivrus & Security - still NO GOOD
> switch PC between ethernet and wifi connection to modem/router - still NO GOOD, neither works
> PING/TRACE/DNS Lookup of youtube and all WORK
> disable firewall in modem/router - still NO GOOD

> switch PC to wifi, disconnect from modem/router,  connect to a smartphone wifi Hotspot on Telstra 4G bypassing TPG and NBN and  EVERYTHING WORKS - speedtest runs and can play Youtube contest as normal

** Tried for 2 hours to talk with TPG support - ON  HOLD **


What Have I missed here ???



Level 13

Hi @Peter2234 . Can you do the speed test on TPG's support page?

With youtube, do you get a selection of videos with a still image from each one? When you hover your mouse over one, does it play in a small window?

Could you reply with your ping and tracert results.