cancel service

Level 2
I have spent the last 3 weeks on your chat platform trying to get my internet service installed at the new address. All your reps are blatantly lying and misguiding me after hours of wait. I have been referred to the account specialist and then chat got disconnected after 4 hours of wait, I have been told to wait so I can be connected to another department but after one or two hour of wait that chat gets disconnected as well. I have even been told that an account specialist would call me but it's been more than a week now. I tried to cancel my service, and still I was told that it can only be done via an account specialist and the chat gets disconnected after an hour or two. I have had enough, even sending email to helpdesk is no use. For the love of God will someone put me out of my misery and just help me disconnect my service as I am sick of TPG.