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cancellation of Internet

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Hi my name is xxxxxxx.

my user name is cyz852

In using your internet service 

in xxxxx, Brisbane city

I like to cancel this service because Im l already moved out of my house and Im going to leave soon.  I already contact with call service and they told me going to send a document for cancellation, But  I had nothing. I want to cancel quickly because I dont have enough time what can I do? Can you send again the document to my e-mail?

Thank you


**Post was edited for privacy reasons


Hi @cyz852 


As mentioned in your other thread (, we have already tried the details you provided, but we can't pull up an exact match at all. If you're unsure of your customer ID/username, can you provide us instead the homephone number or contact number associated with the account?


Please send it via PM for your privacy and security.


For your reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community