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Your customer service told me this morning that my cancellation request has been processed and finalised. Soon, my home network was disconnected.
Is the cancellation of the ADSL service effective immediately? Because I just paid the money on September 14, I think that even if the service is cancelled, I can continue to use the network until October 14.

Also, I want to confirm if my adsl service has been cancelled and I will not be charged again next month.


Hi @usernamejoy 


We regret to learn that you had to discontinue your service with us.


From what I gathered, you specifically mentioned in the email you sent on September 22 that you want an immediate cancellation of the account, hence why your service has been disconnected today. Let me know if you wish to withdraw the cancellation so we can notify the relevant team for assistance.


Since your service is already cancelled, there will be no additional charges at this point.



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Hi There, I have churned to another provider and I need to cancel my TPG account. And also e few times I called there but no help me and about two months I never use internet but I payed and also I send email for cancel my account but unfortunately no didn’t I can pay every months money for nothing and my bank account not enough money and today I see your message to me please cancel my account and please tell me how much I have to pay for cancelation and I can pay all for 2/01/2020

Hi @Roozafzounmehdi,


We regret to learn that you're discontinuing your account with us. I checked your case history and it appears that you have already spoken to our Escalations Team about your concern. An email was also sent to you on October 25 providing you the details on how to finalize your cancellation request. Unfortunately, we can't find any records of your email message. Please ensure that you use the email account that you previously listed as your contact email or your TPG email address to send the message.