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common problem can't send emails with thunderbird

Level 2

The message below is what I receive when trying to send an email

"Cannot send the message. Verify the email address in your account properties. The server responded: 535 5.7.8 [TPG-A02] Authentication denied. User is banned from using SMTP AUTH due to previous abuse'."

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Thunderbird and reset my password with TPG.

Have been waiting for about three days to have this fixed by TPG.

I can send emails from my Post Office at TPG.

Have also rebooted modem.

Level 13

Hi @bjdowns48 . Do you have the proper userid and password in the Thunderbird sending settings?

Send an email to detailing your problem. Date, time of error, sender and recipient.

Level 2
We've had this problem recently as well. I have checked the credentials work on the Post Office, and it works.
I then entered the same credentials in Thunderbird, and still get the authentication error. I have a feeling it's due to the latest Thunderbird update switching TLS version, which is may not be supported by TPG mailbox.
I've since switched to using Windows Mail App.
Level 13

Hi @plumptonparish . Regarding Thunderbird and TLS, there are config changes that make TB accept the backlevel TLS used by TPG. Read the part by David1010.