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connecting printer to sagecom 5G

Level 2

I can't connect my HP8620 officejet to the sagecom fast 5866T modem, even through the 2.4GHz band. I CAN, however, connect the printer to my previous FTTB modem and my phone hotspot. What is the problem?

Level 15

Hi @kinrad . Lots of users are having wifi problem with Sagemcom.

 The following thread has suggestions from some users about connecting to Sagemcom.

I couldn't find whether your printer connects to just one wifi band, or can connect to either. If only one, you have to disable band steering, set each band to a different name so the printer can connect.

Disable AP isolation so wifi devices can connect to the printer. An ethernet computer should not have a problem.

Suggestion to create a guest network for your printer.

Connect your previous router as an access point connected to Sagemcom. Printer connects to old wifi. What model is your old router?