constant drop out

Level 1c
Nbn internet is constantly dropping out for hours.
was good at first now dropping out all the time i have rebooted the modem countless times does not fix problem
very upset as i am paying good money for a service that
plays up all the time. When it is not working i have no home phone also. this needs to be fixed or i am going elsewhere very disappointed with tpg at the moment
would not recommended them to anybody and would actively
discourage anyone from using your services I have been a loyal customer for years. Had no problems with ADSL but was forced on to nbn. FIX THE PROBLEM OR I WILL LEAVE

Hi @finkelj


We're keen to help out. We've just replied to your other wall post, however as it'll be easier to keep track of things, we'll only reply there from now on.


For your reference, please see your thread here.