dropouts NBN HFC

Level 2

I change my gateway router to a D-Link DSL-3900 and with the help of TPG tech and D-link i have had no issue until today with lost of internet conection the NBN Modem has 4 green lights solid , my DSL-3900 when i loss conection internet light red i would reset and wait and have internet for a while and then dropout again and i cant find any issues with nbn in my area , have internet at the moment any suggestions 


Hi @Scolo71,


Thanks for raising this with us.


We've tested the line and was not able to detect any fault within the NBN network.


Did you notice if the issue is time specific or random?


You may try to change the Ethernet cable that you are using to connect the router to the NBN NTD box, if it's still happening then reset the router and reconfigure it in order to start fresh.


Let us know how it goes.