e-mail outage

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This e-mail outage is now well and truely beyond the inconvienence stage. A day and a half to fix a email server!! Tried calling the call centre and struggling through to understand the American english got no real answers either. (Please, if you don't want to pay for a call centre in Australia, at least move it to India, at least they speak normal English). The times for restoration of services keep being put back time and time again. Seems the tech guys don't really know where the problem is. On such a MAJOR outage, I think us customers need a better explanation than just a one line answer in the Service Status page stating that the engineers are working on it etc etc. Would be nice given the seriousness of the problem that a more detailed explanation of the issue is given. A lot of your customers rely on a reliable email service for their business. A apology with the explanation would be great rather than the lame "I can't tell you what the problem is" from the American speaking operator. I'm about to loose my ADSL in my area for NBN and this sort of treatment of existing customers really makes one question of changing providers for the forced change to NBN.  

You will gain a lot more respect and understanding from your customer base if you are transparent and forthcoming with information on serious outages. On asking the call centre operator in regards to some compensation/credit for this severe loss of service, that there will be no compensation/credit is really poor customer service. Remember it's your customers that will make TPG strong, look after them and they will stay.


Hi @trichter 


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.


The outage was caused by a failure affecting the storage system, through which the email systems operate. The failure has meant that customers have had difficulties using the email systems during the period of outage. Our network Engineers are actively working to resolve the issue at the earliest.


We've posted an update here in the community. You may refer to [Update] TPG Email Outage.


Further updates will be posted on our service status page and here in the community.


Thank you for your patience.