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excruciatingly slow 5g broadband

Level 2

Hi, I was just trying to figure out exactly why my home 5g internet is so slow. It was probably fine 3 days ago but from 2 days ago the download speed has ranged from 0.1-0.3mbps. 


We have been having difficulty even loading this community forum page due to the poor speed. We are nearing dial up speed at this point. It seems strange that there is suddenly such a severe change in speed just from potential increase network load from school holidays and the Christmas break?


Had a quick look at 5G outages and the page doesn't load properly with multiple planned maintenances that have not happened despite it being past the planned date. There are probably some maintenances that didn't load properly but the format is broken on multiple devices when loading that page. 


The modem lights have remained the same throughout (2-3 green lights) and we have not change the position at all in the last ~3 months or so. We have power cycled it multiple times as well. (Sagemcom 5866 5G)


Hi @minhlynda,


We've created an article that you can check for speed related issue: 5G Home Broadband - Troubleshooting Speed issues


If the issue persists after following the steps from the article, PM us with your TPG account details so we can assist and check your connection.