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Hi there. I'm Kiok.
Unfortunately I didn't get any home phone.
And anybody didn't visit my house that why I don't know why it's already installed 
Can you check again?
If I'd like to use wifi do I need only modem or do I need home phone and modem?? Anyway if have a problem can you tell me ?
I will wait your reply.
Thank you ! Have a good day.


Hi @carlkim788,


Welcome to TPG Community!


I checked your account and seen that your NBN is already installed and we need to make sure that the set up is correct for it to work.


Internet will work even though you don't use the home phone that came with it. We did send you a router which should be connected to your NBN Box (NTD - network terminating device).


Please make sure that the Ethernet cable that came with the router that we sent is connected to the WAN port of it going to the UNI-D1 of your NBN box.


Check the status of the lights on your NBN Box as it should have a Green Optical and Power light.


I can see that our Tech team are set to call you today as well. I'll make a follow up to make sure your service is working.




Hi @carlkim788,


Our Tech team tried to contact you earlier but you were unreachable. I can organise another call from them, just shoot me a message with your preferred time and best number to be contacted.


You can also contact our Tech team direct to 13 14 23 Opt. 2 + 2.




Hi Kiok,


You can try our online support by going to


Click on "Support" > NBN > Setting Up Your Internet Connection > NBN Fibre to the Premises

To connect the home phone and router to the NBN box, please choose "Network Termination Device"

For router and wireless set up please go to "NBN Router Guides" and "Connecting to a Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network"


Kind regards,

Joseph D