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I have ordered TPG to be installed at my house. The appointment has been booked for 30th March. I have a NBN box at the front of my house. I will be home during the appointment as we have recently got back from overseas and are in self isolation.

Does the technician need to enter the house to perform the installation? Or is everything performed out side?

If the technician needs to enter the house, I can reschedule for when our self isolation period has ended (5/April).

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Is the NBN box mounted on the outside wall up near the roof? And is it connected to a cable that runs between power poles out on the street?

Then it might be a HFC connection.

This has a special connection plate inside the house connected to the outside box.

The technician may not want to do any work in- or outside or he might do just outside work.

You can try to reschedule since it is several days away.

TPG has prepared this on the different technologies they use.

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