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iptv info

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Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to purchase extra channels with the iptv included on the FTTB contract.

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Hi @s137238oscar

The IPTV service is not available on the FTTB products, its only available on their ADSL plans.

I wonder if TPG is going to offer FetchTV like iiNet does, its much better than their IPTV

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I did a quick search of the TPG website ( and the signup page mentions that IPTV is not support on the FTTB plan


I found it at by clicking Important Things You Need To Know at the bottom > More Information


^Free IPTV:

TPG's free IPTV service is not supported on TPG FTTB Bundle plans.
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TPG does not offer an IPTV service. The TPG network carries lots of IPTV traffic such as Fetch TV (which can be purchased from JB HIFI, Harvey Norman etc), Stan, Netflix and other applications. We are in a world now where there is so much choice when it comes to OTT internet protocol TV options. TPG Telecom which owns iiNet & Internode has a Fetch $10 deal but you need a broadband service from those brands before they will sell you Fetch.

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I beg to disagree with Elss, and InfinityPlusTwo, I'm on the FTTB plan and have the TPG-iptv since I signed almost two years ago, I can get 36 different channels, and is free, maybe the new plans don't have anymore? but even TPG has a page with instructions on how to install it on Windows and OS X.


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I called a mate at TPG and he thinks it's because TPG used to retail the service and then the government forced TPG to separate out the network so that it has a wholesale and retail division. TPG is now a retailer of the FTTB service and so are others but now the new generation 2 retail FTTB does not come with iptv.