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lan connection drops out wifi works

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Hi I have been struggling with a problematic internet connection for a while. Speed to the house is consistantly fine. But my Lan connection is periodically terrible. Dropping out constantly and then will work fine for some time. Wireless connections work fine without any problem. It is only a problem with a cable connection. I have connected 2 different computers, both have the same experience. I replaced the Lan cable and used different ports. I have replaced the router, no change. I can use programs or general browsing fine using wireless but they will eventually fail if i use a cabled connection. NBN technican has checked the connection - ok. I have raised the issue with TPG over the past month or so and tried all the suggested fixes. Nothing has worked. Any ideas? Thanks for any help on this. Ray

Hello RaymondB,

Thank you for your message today and for being a part of the TPG Community.

I have attached a link with a possible fix for you to try - Good Luck



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Hi there


Success in the end it seems!


I tried all the fixes on the web and in the community i could find without success

Eventually after receceiving and testing three different Archer routers over a month  i asked for and received a Huawei.

This has worked faultlessly yesterday and today.

So sorry to say but the Archer is may not b up to it.


thanks raymond