nbn outage

Level 2

My internet has stopped working for three days, I asked the help desk and they emailed me back saying that they are undertaking optimization activities and the estimated timeframe was till 12/02/2020 6pm. It has been past that timeframe and I would like to know when this issue will be resolved or any other issues that may have stopped my internet nbn from working.


Hi @4759693


NBN Co has identified a performance issue with one or more of the impacted HFC services and  proactively done optimisation activities to resolve the issue within a prompt timeframe. 


During this proactive maintenance, customers lost connectivity for a maximum of 3 hours at one time. Most service impacting work will occur for one business day or less within the change window, however it is possible some work will occur consecutively and/or on a number of occasions during the window. 

The network issue is now resolved and I've also detected that your internet is now working. 


Should you require further assistance, you may reach out to us again or you may check out our self-help options located here: http://tpg.com.au/support