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nbn speed upgrade contract reset or not?

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I want to upgrade my nbn12 plan to nbn100 but I'm wondering if doing so will reset my contract.



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Hi @billwharton I would say no if I'm reading this correctly. It wouldn't specify Inside/Outside contract otherwise.


Change of Plan Inside Contract Outside Contract
NBN Bundle - Upgrade$0$0
NBN Bundle - Downgrade$0$0

TPG NBN Broadband customers are not able to change their plan to a TPG ADSL2+/ADSL services.


It's in Extra pricing info /change of plan fees.

I'd suggest you check your maximum attainable line rate on your modem to make sure you can get close to that rate first.


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There will be no fee or contract reset when you upgrade or downgrade your NBN plan.


Our NBN100 plan comes with Unlimited data with a Typical Evening Speed of 78.1 Mbps which is great for multiple users at the same time, HD streaming and gaming. You can get this for as low as $89.99/Month.


Our Change of plan team can help us with the process. You may shoot me a private message with your contact details (preferred time and best number) and I will arrange a call from them. Smiley Happy


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