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not shown in the available networks

Level 2
Hi there,
The home internet account name doesn’t appear in networks. Contacted service line on 29.9.21 and said there are some drop in and drop out issues and will report it to technical team. Received a message at 5:03 am on 30.9.21 stating “the test says service is working”. However, I still cannot see my wifi account name appears in the available network to connect the service.

Does anyone have the same issue?

Hi @6486810 . Do you mean you can't see your wifi network names on your device to connect to?

Are other networks shown on your device? 

What model router do you have?

How are the 2.4G/5G/WLAN lights on the router?

The VR1600 has a pushbutton on top edge to turn wifi on/off, right next to WPS button.