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parental control on HG659

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I have set up a time rule in parental control to limit internet access for my children. However, the way the filter works is by checking the computer name only. All they have to do to get around this is change the MAC address on their computer. There are hundreds of websites that explain the technique. What I want is a router that only allows traffic for certain specified MACs. This is not possible with my current model. Is there a different router that you can offer as a replacement that has better traffic controls?



Hi @rankenburg


We checked the account and it shows that the modem/router is out of warranty.


You have the option to purchase a 3rd party modem/router, but the bundled VoIP service will not work.

Or you may purchase a new modem/router from us that will support both Internet and VoIP service as it comes with a special firmware.


Shoot me a PM with your decision.



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Did you make any progress on this? I am looking for solutions


Hi @jquiggin1,


If parental control did not work, try this.  You may try to block the MAC address of a certain devices.


But you can simply block the devices MAC address by doing the steps below.


  • Click the Security tab
  • Choose WLAN MAC Filter Configuration
  • select Enable WAN MAC filter, set the filter mode and click New.




Did you make any progress on this? I am looking for solutions