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I have just get NBN installed this week . the router in Archer Vr1600v. when i used the steps on router page, it did not block adults site as it inteds to do. I mean applying parental control did not change anything in the web accessabilit to slected devises. do I have to do further steps?




Hi @HAZ,


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Please see steps on how to control the parental lock:


1. Toggle on parental controls

2.Click add

3.The user should enter or scan the device name,mac address of their device manually to add a device that is not connected.

4. Select the effective time period during which the restriction applies.

5.Enter a description into the description field.

6.Select enable this entry.

7. Click save.


Please also refer to the screenshot below.




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This is does not work


I have done that and nothing got blocked !!!!!!


Hi @asmgx, are you getting any error message?

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Frankly this parental control system is lame - it doesn't stop your kids from putting in any kind of dodgy url and getting access to porn or the like. 


What may work is if you register with OpenDNS, and the set your DNS servers on the router to route through Open DNS, by setting the primary and secondary DNS servers  as and


When you log into OpenDNS, you set your network as the current network, and then you set what kind of websites can be accessed. It has quite a good selection of website types.


What I am trying to do is top all of my kids devices from getting any internet access at all except for specified times of the day. I set the effective time, but it appears that they can access the internet outside of these times anyway. How do I fix this?



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For the Parental Controls to work, you need to set a Restriction Policy. You may want to visit the links below where this same topic was discussed and instructions were provided.


Archer VR1600v Parental Control

limit internet bandwidth for individual users