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ping / firmware

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I believe I was getting a ping around 50ms - 80ms playing a game online, didn't take too much notice as it was ok. After experiencing some issues I've noticed pings around 170ms - 195ms. Not sure if this started after upgrading the firmware for my router/modem.


I was wondering if you had any advise, it's a Los Angeles server. Would it be worth sending me the original or recommended firmware to try?


EDIT:  I just checked it now and I'm getting around 120ms - 140ms but trace route still shows 179ms. I've included screenshots.


Router: TP-LINK Archer C1200

Hardware Version: v1


Firmware installed: "Archer C1200(EU)_V1_180124" from - - (C1200v1_eu-up-1.1.3 Build 20180124 rel.52299.bin)


Firmware also tried: "Archer C1200(EU)_V1_170616" from - - (C1200v1_eu-up-1.1.0 Build 20170616 rel.43289.bin)


I'll need to PM account details as the account is not in my name.


One other non-related question why does and google pick my location as Adelaide when I'm in Victoria close to Melbourne?


Hi @Dustin

Welcome to the community!

We'd like to know where the game server is based.

If you’re in Australia, but playing on an American or Asian server, your latency will be higher because the geographical distance creates a delay between information being sent from an Australian client-side (player’s) connection before it’s received and relayed from the American server.

Connecting or Playing to a Game server not designated to your area will affect a high latency issue particularly if the Game Developer itself made a specific Server in every location such as SEA / NA Servers etc. If you're having latency issue while playing/connected to the Australian Server please post a screen shot of the latency issue and we'll have it check.

To better understand the situation, we'd like to get your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file).


In case you need a reference:

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