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please refund my money

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I have been using TPG since 2017 and never been told or communicated that upon cancellation of service I need to give 30 day notice if not they will charge full month fees.

This is simply ridiculuous and unpforessional. No other provided in Brisbane charge such fees upon cancellation. Talked to customer care they advise me to wait for Cancallation team. Here they are came  up with nothing instead charged me cancllation fees. 

I am not willing to pay this fees as it was never discussed with me over the years. Refund me my money as soon possible and improve your cancellation procedure.


Hi @workxf


The cancellation information for an NBN service is posted here: Service Description and Terms – NBN


We'd like to check on your account further. Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.