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slow internet on tpg ADSL2+

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About 2 month ago, the ADSL connection started to drop like crazy. It will keep connecting and disconnected during 15 mins to half an hour, which happened several times a day. Then we contacted TPG the first time, a technician came and concluded that I there might be a wiring issue and no issue was spotted at MDF which is located in my apartment


after that i contacted TPG again and this time a Telstra technician was arranged to check the Telstra incoming phone line. the technician told me that there is the wiring issue from the appartment to the road. After some point, the dropout issue was not that severe anymore, but the speed drops from 18Mbps to around 4Mbps but in the morning and evening it is almost dead.

i called and messaged my landlord about the problem of the wire and he had been telling that he is in contact with telstra to have new connection for the last one and half month.

please help me .




Hi susanbhatta


Welcome to TPG Community! 


I've managed to pull up an account using your Community details. Upon checking, it showed that the issue has been handled previously by our EngineeringTeam. 


I have escalated the issue to their team for further assessment as it seems that the issue is still the same. 


Should you have a preferred time to receive a call, please let us know so I can inform their team. 





Good day, susanbhatta


I've since checked the recent update on the escalated fault and it shows that an appointment has already been booked tomorrow, 12 Sept between 12PM - 5PM. 


Should you have further queries or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know.