Slow ADSL2+ speeds

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Recently (some weeks) my ADSL2+ speed has dropped to unusable levels.  Streaming is right out of the question, with even youtube's lowest setting (144p) not being able to keep up.


I've never had 'great' speeds, but was able to stream decent quality video on two devices without too much hassle a month or two ago. is regularly showing speeds at 0.1-0.2Mbps down, and 0.0-0.1Mbps up, ping 60-70ms.  I have even isolated my modem to 1 connected device, with similar results over either wired or wireless connection.


Making matters worse, 99% of neighourhood shows as NBN ready over the last month, with my house alone still being "Planned".  This may and should be entirely irrelevant, but, timing-wise, I have some suspicion this is related to my reduced speed.



Please assit me getting my internet back.





Location: Patterson Lakes (Vic 3197)



Hi dscljc


Welcome to TPG Community! 


I was able to locate an account using your Community details and have ran some remote tests. The results show that we're getting a low download speed but there is no evident line fault. It is best if our Technical Team can complete troubleshooting along with you so we can determine any underlying cause of the issue. 


Kindly let us know of your best contact time & number via private message so we can organise a call back for you. 


We'll wait for your response. 




Hi dscljc, hope you're doing fine today. 


We've arranged a callback for you tonight at 08:00 PM VIC as agreed with your husband, to further assist with your internet speed concern. 


Please expect our senior technician's call and rest assured that we are closely monitoring your account.