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standard speed

Level 1b

I am paying for a standard speed and every speed check says the speed is between 10.6 and 11.1 if the speed does not improve I will be contacting the communication omsbudman. What I pay for I exspect to get.

    regards Dennis Jones 

Level 8

Hi @dennisjonesx I'd be double checking your plan details, it sounds like you're on an NBN 12 plan, how much are you paying per month?

Level 1b


Level 8

Hi @dennisjonesx Yes that would indicate you're paying for a higher than an NBN 12 plan, although the speedtest is typical of what's to be expected on NBN 12, one of the mods will have to look into it for you.

Level 1b
NBN Cable Broadband XXL Bundle Standard $79.99
Level 5


your paying for standard speed of upto 12Mbps Plus the XXL which have Telephone AddOns that's why you're paying $79.99


The Extra money goes to your Telephone AddOns

Here's the SS of your current PLAN











Hi @dennisjonesx


Welcome to the Community! 


Based on the account located using your Community details, you were previously subscribed to the Standard NBN 12/1 plan and has requested to upgrade to the NBN50. 


The change will take effect after 3 working days and you will also receive an email notification once the upgrade has been successful. 


Should you have further queries or requires assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.