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tpg wireless broadband has a bad route or unstable route frequently

Level 2

hi there, I have been suffering with bad route and unstable route frequently when using tpg wireless broadband network, when it happen; I would not be able to ping destination, however if I connect to tpg mobile data, it works everytime and ping will reach the destination.

A friend of mine has the same problem with tpg broadband wireless, and when it changes to mobile data it works, however sometime the route has reestblished in tpg broadband wireless network, then it will work;

router has been power cycling many times but syphtom remain the same

thanks for your input and help in advance 




Hi @Stephen


What are the typical activities you normally do online? Apart from browsing, do you also stream or play online games? 


Let's have a member of our Tech team to contact and assist you. Please send in your Customer ID or username via PM so we can check your connection.