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uni-v port for voice and security monitoring

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I am currently with Telstra FTTP NBN service. I have battery backup and the phone line connected to the Uni-V port. The Bosch security system calls our mobile phones in the event of an alarm - through the phone line. We hear a tone over the mobile when receiving an alarm notification. All of this works fine.

My question is will it also work fine if I come over to TPG?



Hi @benaldo,


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We would like to clarify where the Bosch security system is connected, would it be possible for you to send additional image of the current setup of your telephone?


We'll wait for your response.



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I ordered our TPG FTTP NBN service on Tuesday. The transfer from the existing Telstra FTTP service happened efficiently, the NBN being completed on Friday - 4 days, the landline connected today as the number was ported over (6 days).

I have today tested the security system and the alarm call to the mobile phones performed correctly. (as it did on the Telstra service.)

For those interested the details of our installation are as follows:

  • Bosch 880 domestic system - movement detectors only - nothing fancy. On alarm - its programmed to dial a call list and provide an alarm tone. These are all mobile numbers in our case. It is connected to the first (and only) telephone port/handset from the NBN box's UNI-V port.
  • The first handset is connected to a UNI-V port. TPG advised me by email that this would be UNI-V 2 in our case. (Telstra was UNI-V 1)



That's great news, @benaldo!


Thanks for keeping us in the loop and for providing us the setup of your devices.


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Hi benaldo, I am so interested in your post. Have exact same scenario, bosch 880 alarm but not yet connected to nbn. In fact brand new home,no landline, no internet but getting FTTP and still deciding on IPS.

Alarm installer has told me it won't ring my mobile as won't work over nbn! Q. is it just a matter of plugging my home phone into uni-v port or do I need installer to come and run cable from alarm panel to nbn box?

Q. is your alarm connected to uni-v port on nbn box ? And your home phone to uni-v port on modem?




@Confused wrote:

Q. is your alarm connected to uni-v port on nbn box ? And your home phone to uni-v port on modem?

 Though I cannot answer your first question, I maybe able to help you with the one above.


For a TPG NBN FTTP the home phone will be connected on the designated UNI V port on the NBN Box or NTD.


If I may assume,I think the Bosch should be connected on the same port on the NBN Box or NTD.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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Hi Will

we just got tpg nbn connected yesterday (FTTN) and everythings seem workign fine except the alarm is not calling out when  the alarm system is triggered, we have a bosh alarm (not sure whats model) but it was working fine the day before we moved to NBN

Note: i connected the alarm phone line thru 1 of the fone port at the back of Tplink nbn modem.

please help with thanks



Hi @canleyvale,


TPG Voice Service does not support old dial up technology devices with built in modems such as EFTPOS, Back to Base Alarms and Foxtel Program purchase. These devices have been replaced by Internet Protocol (IP) enabled devices and many TPG customers are able to use EFTPOS, Back to Base alarms and Foxtel Program purchase through the internet provided that their devices are IP enabled.


For further details on IP enabled devices contact your device supplier. TPG Voice Service also does not support analogue modems, Priority Assistance Scheme, calls to 19/1900, 0500 numbers and Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN).


We suggest that you contact Bosh for assistance.