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*urgent* request for reinstatement of newly disconnected Nbn50 account. CG-NAT failure to connect to remote computers.

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Hi All.
I've been advised to start a new thread in this forum relating to my original posts below

I was hastley moved over to Tpg 5g Wireless by a pushy TPG sales person who would call me up to 5 times per day for the last two weeks.
I was intending to properly test the Modem over the course of the Easter weekend (and 7day grace period), but alas family dramas stopped that from happening until last night (8 hours after NBN disconnection).
I started to migrate over my open port and DynDNS settings only to be advised that 5g only has CG-NAT, which means I can't access any of my media servers, surveillance cameras or wife's business computers remotely anymore.
We are stuck with a glorified streaming unit, and no means of accessing my other devices.
At no stage was I informed by the salesperson that this might be an issue. He just hurriedly tried to get me signed up (while I was trying to work myself).
We need this sorted straight away as my wife's business is going to suffer the longer her computer remains inaccessible.
Request Moderator please contact to help.

Hi @gordmc73


I've responded to your previous post.


Shoot me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted by our Plan change team to discuss the process.