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was 100/40 now only getting 100/20

Level 2

DOWNLOAD 100.9Mbps

UPLOAD 19.6Mbps


Looks like upload caped at 20Mbps as Download is great.


Have wasted a week going between TPG techs, had NBN onsite and TPG Customer Service say my plan has not been changed.


TPG Tech say my speed is shaped, I need to adjust my plan with Customer Service, Customer Service say my plan has not changed and its a Techinal issue.


Great game of customer ping pong with zero responsability.

Hours of time wasted as of this moring is just below 6 hours.

Level 2


Not wasting another day being on hold while being shunted between teams before being discionnected again.

Have spoken to 2 people from Customer Service, 3 from techinal, 2 from sales, 1 from provisioning and got nowhere.


Last Tech said via SMS that its now going back to NBN, I have a direct number to the NBN persoen who came onsite yesterday who says its provider shaping.


Hours wasted on either hold or being tolds I need to be transfered to a diffrent team is now over 8 hours.


Case now logged with Ombudsman. Life is to short.



Hi @jotham01


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and understand that an NBN technician is booked to check your service.

Further updates will be given by your case manager as soon as it becomes available.



Level 2

Had a few drops this evening and after the connection stablised my speeds are now diffrent.

My Download speed is still slightly over 100 which is great but the fantastic thing is my Upload speed has dramatically imporved from 19Mbps to about 33-35 Mbps.


Have an NBN tech visiting me agaion tomorrow morning. Lets see if the connection and speed remains stable.