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why do tpg advertise 192.168.4.x numbers as of yesterday(sunday)

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Hi @User128 


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Thanks for reaching out to us. Can you tell us where you saw this Private IP address? In addition, what's the brand of the modem you are using?




Hello @User128


We just want to do a follow up with your query. 


If you're an existing customer, kindly send us with your Customer ID or service address via private message so we can assist you accordingly. 




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i was going to bother but its not my problem .. well it isnt anymore 

the responce i got from TPG was unfortunate .. yer ..

so im not bothering , if you want to advertise 192.168.x.x numbers more power to you

and i hope your clients at the end of those Ips are safe  

i love that the dell server there on advertises it name rank and serial number gotta be

real secure to do that these days ..

well your local users i guess are the only ones effected eh .. so its safe 

just keep telling yourself its safe .and all will be fine ..

have a super fun day and dont let the hamburgers get ya down 


now lighten up


Who says nothing is impossible. I've been doing nothing for years



Hi @User128,


We appreciate your concern and for taking the time to respond.


The reason why we're trying to clarify as to where you found the advertisement is because 192.x.x.x IP addresses are local IP addresses. These are assigned by modems or routers to the devices connected to them. These are not the public IP addresses that we provide.



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oh ok , so that the ip say at an "idrac dell server" that is in sydney and

im in perth makes it private to err australia then ... not say just my local network

and to get there has to go though a few routes to get there and thats ok then 

and the Ips that are up at say 192.168.183.xx are just local ips to me and not to anyone else

your very trusting giving me all that access ... to some 80 odd devices that i can see on the

192.168.x.x PRIVATE network

dont ask about the 10 network .. 

sorry nuff said you protect your network however you feel is right .. 

so why did it change sunday 14 july afternoon  perth time 

on ya go



Hi @User128,


We'd like to take a closer look on this concern you've raised. Would you be able to tell us as to where you found this IP address? You previously mentioned that this is being advertised, are you referring to an actual advertisement? Do you have a screenshot that you can send to us via PM?





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the "where i found this address" is comical .. well to me ..

so I have a wemos (look it up) its default address is they all are at this default addess new!

and so i looked .. and tested and checked and looked again 

because it stopped working .. wasnt the wemos it was you afternoon of july 14 2019


If i mention that i ran and owned an ISP years ago would that help ?


so again .. here is a traceroute to the IP ..  from my windows computer 

 i dont have acl's for the private nework numbers in my router .. I shouldnt need to (im revising that )

you guys  need to do that in your routers .. dont you think ...


as to the advertising bit .. advertising as in your network , not as in selling .. is that the question 


and so 


Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 <1 ms <1 ms 1 ms
2 5 ms 5 ms 5 ms
3 62 ms 61 ms 61 ms []
4 62 ms 63 ms 63 ms []
5 63 ms 63 ms 63 ms []
6 60 ms 60 ms 60 ms []
7 60 ms 60 ms 65 ms []
8 60 ms 61 ms 61 ms

Oh i forgot thats using my dns server .. no difference if i change back to yours 


network name of the dell server at the end is "idrac-C4N7MP2" 

screenshot .. well how about the servers web page screenshot ..that help ?

real pity the default logon and password has been changed .. Smiley Happy


shall i mention again that nearly all the ips 192.168.4.x to 192.168.254.x are visable ( if they have something connected/discoverable that is ) 

here ya go ... ips to 7 and to 33 are live ips to me today 

also at random ips and 3 are also visible .. they appear to be in perth 

bit scary that i cant use private numbers on my own network huh !

and if i do they arent private anymore  -- yay for ip6


never mind




Hi @User128,


Thank you for taking the time to provide us additional information. I have raised this to our Network Engineers for further investigation.



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i See you finally fixed the problem !