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20 days cannot use TPG Landline service - Is this normal service quality?

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I don't know what to do. I have TPG ADSL2 Home bundle M (with a landline and Oz Talk package).


20 days ago I discovered problem with my landline (the Internet service is working all along) and I reported it to TPG. The problem may have happened before that as we don't know until a friend complainted.


The problem is rather strange. When I (PartyA) call or receive a call, the voice quality is very good - no noisy statics. However the other end (PartyB) they hear a lot of statics. Whenever they talk, they can hear the statics but PartyA does not hear any statics. As a result we find it impossible to carry a conversation including the TPG operator that received my report of problem.


I use my mobile phone or my wife's as the PartyB to test my line everyday. I also invited the TPG operator that called me to call my landline to see (or hear) for themselves. Easy way to tell them the problem.


I did all the process of elimination test - disconnect every piece of device (I have a TP-Link modem/router, a phone with a cord, and a 3-head cordless phone) - except the telephone which I use to call PartyB or to receive call and the problem is there. I tried different phone socket with the same result. I disconnected the line splitter and filter and plugged the phone straight into the socket producing the same problem. Even with the modem connected (switched on or off) through a splitter, same problem.


TPG sent a technician out (24/12/19) to investigate including coming into my house (I have not rearrange my set up for more than 10 years). We went through the process and he checked from the telephone pit on the footpath tracing all the way down the road and to the exchange (as we are not far 2km max).


He also checked the line quality from the pit to my house. His conclusion is that 1) my line is fine and 2) the problem is with TPG's equipment at the exchange. I do not have proof but this problem seems to happen when the NBN crew installed a conduit linking my pit with the one down the road under my driveway.


I am posting this to ask for advice on what to do? TPG rings me (on my mobile as they can't stand the noisy line from their end) regularly but telling me the same old story - not yet fixed - and their call has become a nuisance than welcome news. I don't really need them to tell me what I have already known. I want the ** thing fix.


Is this a normal TPG's engineering quality? After 20 days they still cannot fix this problem and shouldn't I demand they provide a remendy or compensation for service I cannot use - like paying for the huge mobile bill I have accumulated. They told me the port is of problem (I once worked in telephony) but surely they can shift that? After 20 days they still can't tell me when it will be fix, one wonder if they a) not trying very hard or b) totally clueless. As you can tell, I have every right to be angry after 20 days without a phone service in the 21st century. I have been very patience with the TPG staff so far but there is a limit.


Does anyone have experience with dealing with TPG to correct fault? TPG cannot give me a time frame of when this will be fixed. How much longer can this drag on? So is it time to take the hint and go back to Telstra (the one I switched from a couple of years ago) before I use NBN from TPG?


Should I cancel my NBN pre-order with TPG in case I have decided to switch back to Telstra? NBN is schedule for end of Feb in my street.


Should I begin to lodge a complaint with TIO?


Any advice will be welcome. 20 days still counting....





Level 2

Telstra can not currently port over any existing phone numbers to any internet service provider, if you choose to change your provider.


Most internet service providers have their call centres overseas. Some of these countrys are in severe lock down, and do not have a full complement of staff.


Is this normal sevice?  - No, we are in the middle of a global crisis.