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Can some one check my phone connection ?  weyrite53

I just tried 45 inutes on my mobile to contact TPG and still no response .

This is a brand new TPG router i paid for ,nbn works fine but still no phone! i have had he same phone line for ever,now via nbn. Last week i was told by tpg that my router had failed and was out of waranty. how long do i have to be hanging on ?


Level 7

So to confirm, internet through router is OK but tels not? Assuming that you plugged in the phone to the right port, this sounds like the problem I had when installing the new TPG router. It was a setting on the router that TPG fixed remotely plus some other setting at their end. From memory I could dial out but callers couldn't reach me. Posssibly mods here can pass this to technical.