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Account balance insufficient

Level 2

Hi, I tried calling someone and the voice messenger said that "my account balance is insufficient." I am unable to call TPG for help. So this is my only safest bet.

Level 2

And I also don't know what they mean by that


Hi @tiffanylam 


Thanks for raising this with us.

We were able to locate your account using your community details, but was not able to detect any issues with your service. There's an ongoing payment in your account, but it shows that the services are still active.

Are you trying to call our using your Mobile or Phone service with us? 


Please provide us more information as you have Mobile and NBN VoIP with us.



Level 2

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Level 3

Same here! what's going on? can't do any type of call, to mobile land line or even free numbers.

And no other way to contact you guys. My balance is up to date and shows no issues. Still can't call. Please contact me and solve this issue ASAP


Hi @6863166, we have located an account using your community details, but we'd like to make sure that we got the right one.

Please PM us your TPG account details.

Kindly try to send a private message again by following the steps on this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community