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All of a sudden I have no phone line but have internet

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Over the weekend I lost home phone line which was plugged into the wall sockets. Spoke to a technician from TPG yesterday & they told me I now need to plug my phone into line 1 on the back of my modem.

I have done this with several phones but have no noise/dial tone at all.

Also I have an elderly mother which needs a phone next to her bed in the back part of the house which cannot reach the modem, how can I set this up?

Can someone please advise asap



Hi @sonyaconstantin,


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the account.


We understand that you were able to contact our Tech team and the case was escalated to our Engineering team as there's no dial tone on your home phone. A modem replacement has been requested since the one that you have is deemed faulty after troubleshooting.


Since your mother needs a phone beside her, you may need to consider getting a wireless/cordless home base phone.


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