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Archer VR1600v configuring phone number

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I have just signed up with NBN. I was hoping to get my phone number ported over, and noticed that the modem already has this number configured. Unfortunately due to a misunderstanding my number was disconnected before the porting could happen so TPG have assigned me a new number. Shortly after this I got an email saying everything is done. However my new number still does not work, and obviously neither does the old one. I noticed my modem still says the old number, how do I change it over? I tried rebooting it but no change.

Hi @demuire,


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We're able to locate your account using your community details and we noticed that your home phone on the modem/router is not yet updated.


We updated the modem/router's details feel free to reboot the modem/router, let us know should you require further assistance.