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CALLER ID not display on phone

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i just upgrade home plan into TPG bundled home phone and ADSL2+

as advised there is Caller ID feature, "which allows you to see the phone number of the person calling you on your TPG phone service"

i borrow handset from my parents, they have TPG bundled plan as wherehome phone and they can see caller number on the handset, however when i connect handset to my home line and call it, there is no caller ID displayed.

I called customer service for help but the staff had me waiting for 5 min then told me TPG not support caller ID display, it's my handset's problem and i shall contact handset provider.

I told him the Caller ID is available as per TPG website, and the handset is displaying caller ID properly when connect to my parents' phoneline, but he just ignore my words and keep on repeating "TPG not support caller ID, it's your handset's problem please contact haneset provider".......

it's definitely wasting time to hold on the line, i don't want to blame the operator although he was acting as a robot instead of human being.

i want to buy a new handset with caller ID display function, but as per current test with my parents' handset, I am afraid it could be wasting money to buy a new handset.

anyone has a solution? thanks!










The Caller ID is one of the ADS2+ Home Bundle Plans features that allows you to see the phone number of the person calling you on your home phone. This feature ready to use and doesn't require activation.

In addition, it is only applicable on the phones that supports Caller ID. Please note not every number will show up, unlisted numbers, numbers blocked by the caller, international calls or calls from some areas within Australia will appear as PRIVATE or UNAVAILABLE.

Are you able to borrow a different handset that can be used for comparative testing aside from your parent's handset, so we can identify what's causing the issue?

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I note that you say that your home phone with TPG is bundled with ADSL2+ service. I had this service before switching to NBN-HFC and I can certify that CallerId does work. Just make sure that the telephone you are using support the FSK protocol, and even better if you can get one that supports both FSK and DTMF. Note that the HG659 modem that TPG supplies with its NBN-HFC service does NOT support FSK but does provide Caller Id using DTMF. I had to switch to a new phone (Telstra Guardian 302) which is available from Telstra and on-line. I don't know if this unit supports FSK and the documentation is not clear on this.


Do you know if your parents use the same home phone/ADSL2+ bundle as you do? Or are they on the NBN?

By the way, when I had the ADSL2+/home phone service I initially used the following device to display caller id:


This device also works with the HG659 modem on the NBN-HFC service.

I had to buy the Telstra Guardian 302 because I subsequently replaced the callerId box with a FSK only device that can be programmed to display caller's name and address which stopped working when I switched to NBN-HFC!


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hi you two!


thanks for the advice, i borrowed another phone and the call ID displayed MOST times. only when I call with a mobile phone the display LCD indicates "E" sometimes.


and moreover, i find if i connect phone to socket directly, without the splitter, the call ID displays all the time even using the trouble handset. of course modem is not working in this case cause it's not connected.


my parents are with TPG bundled plan but not NBN yet, also my home is not with NBN yet


anyway now i am sure this problem is not from the TPG line side, although i can't explain why the same handset is working at my parents' home where is using TPG bundled as well.


thanks for the EBAY suggestion, i already save the proejct to watchlist on EBAY, since not a urgent issue, if i can't sort out with different handset i will buy it when XMS/NEW year passed.


again appreciate to you two! i will following update

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When I had the ADSL2+ service, I connected the ADSL modem directly to a telephone wall socket and each phone was connected to a wall socket via an ADSL2+ filter. The filter is designed to remove ADSL2+ frequencies from the line going to the phone and allow voice frequencies (including CallerID FSK frequencies 1200Hz/2200Hz) to reach the phone. So, if the Caller Id phone does not work with the filter in place, check that the phone is connected to the correct output of the filter and maybe replace the filter.