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Can I keep my number but just being diverted without NBN

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Hello, we currently have a NBN FTTN 50 with Voice bundle but I need to cancel the internet etc... but just want to keep the number and have it diverted to my mobile - is this possible? How much would it cost or what needs to be done? please help Smiley Happy


We regret to read that you've decided to terminate your service with us @wcobanovic 


Since you are under the bundled service, if you'll cancel the internet, the phone service will be cancelled as well.


There's no option to keep the landline for call forwarding.


Unless you'll change to our Home Wireless or 5G Home broadband which we offer an optional Virtual Phone service that allows you to:

  • Forward all incoming calls to an alternative phone number of your choosing (Standard Australian landlines/mobiles only).
  • Keep your existing phone number, should you wish to switch back to NBN, or switch to a phone service with another provider.

Let us know of your decision for us to raise it with our Accounts team for discussion.