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Change of number.

Level 2

I changed my number a few weeks ago due to nuisance / unwanted calls.


The random generated number TPG has given me is two digits different from our local pub/restaurant.


I want to change my number again as changing the number did not solve the issue.


Username is adamthwaite and current number ends in 6928.


Could you please arrange to change my number today but I would ask not to be charged the $25 change number fee as TPG have assigned me a number two digits from a local business which means I am getting allot of unwanted calls.


Please check my account and get back to me today if possible.


Thnak you

Level 2

I have just tried to call TPG to escalate this only to have soeone try to upsell me a mobile plan(?) they did not seem to fully understand my enquiry.


Could you please escalate this to your highest level and ensure my home VOIP number is changed today (my request was submitted yesterday through the portal).


Could you please action this immediatly.


Thank you in advance.

Username:adamthwaite and you will see the request is already pending in my account.



Hi @Melb89,


We have since replied to your other post here:

kindly check your inbox as we have sent you a PM as well.