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Where can i complain about Tpg and somebody will listen and contact me to discuss my problems. I am fed up with being transferred from this department to another with no resolution of my problems


Ed Stone.


Hi @edstone4000


For concerns that you wish to raise, you may head on to this link:


Our team is here and we'd be glad to help! You may send in your Customer ID or username privately via message along with a brief description of your concern. 




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The problem is that if one department doesn't have a solution, they'll passit on to someone else.

I understand that, because the help desk people are limited in what they can do, and management don't like it when problems are escalated to them. The end result is frustration for both the helpdesk people and the customer.
I once worked with a IT Service company that had an interesting problem resolution strategy. If a customer's issue wasn't addressed within 4 hours by the helpdesk, the issue was automatically forwarded to the service manager. He had 2 hours to get on top of things before it was automatically escalated to the GM, followed by escalation to the CEO.
Things almost always got fixed before the GM and CEO got involved.


Hi @edstone4000,


Thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback, we want to make sure that we work towards a resolution with you. Please send us a Private Message so we can review this in closer detail. We look forward to working on this with you.