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Fttn Nbn home phone

Level 1c

Hi. New fttn nbn customer. Can someone please advise on which home phone I need to be able to both make and receive calls?

Level 8

Hi @Orchard4689 Welcome to the community.

You should be able to use virtually any analogue interface phone and connect it to the phone 1 socket on your new supplied router.


This includes standard Telstra touchfone 200, 300 & 400's etc, dect cordless systems work well also and have the advantage of calling number display which is enabled by default on your NBN/ included home phone plan.


I use a Panasonic dect cordless base with answering machine built in and with 4 handsets, it covers the whole house well and alleviates the need for any internal house wiring.

Level 1c

I must be having an issue then as I have a dial tone using my analogue phone but can't receive incoming calls only able to make outgoing calls. 

Level 8

Can you confirm that when you make an outgoing call to a mobile phone that your number appears as the correct caller ID? If you've had your previous home number ported to the NBN service this will confirm that the porting has been completed, if it appears as a different number the porting request may not have been completed yet. When did your NBN service become active?

Level 1c

I can confirm when I make an outgoing mobile call my correct caller ID is shown. NBN connection occurred  last Friday 13/7/18. 

Level 8

Hi @Orchard4689 Might have to wait for a moderator to check what's gone on then, you can't do much more fault finding at user level. The only other thing you can check is by logging in to your account and check there are no diversions set in the NBN phone control panel.


Hi Orchard4689


Welcome to TPG Community! 


I've managed to locate an account using your Community details and is able to check your TPG account.


Based on our records, the service has been completed last 13 June 2018 and I can also confirm that a porting is in progress. The porting takes place after the activation of your service and normally takes 1-5 working days to complete. 


In the meantime, all incoming calls will not work but all outgoing calls will work as normal. 


Please don't hesitate to let us know should you have further queries or requires assistance. 




Level 1c

Okay thanks for that info. I'll wait till the end of this week and re-check the connection. 


No worries,