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HFC NBN Phone line quality

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Hey TPG/All
First post ever,
I have HFC NBN 100/40, for approximately 6 months now, transfered from ADSL 2 with TPG. Both home phone lines were on VOIP, the ADSL 2 VOIP service was OK, unfortunately the HFC VOIP is terrible phone line quality. You can't have a conversation with out every 10 to 15 seconds asking the person to repeat themselves.

Anyone having the same problem?Ive stopped calling the home phone and thinking of just turning the service off if there is no solution. As no one uses the phone now.

Thank you

Hi @Mazza2035


Welcome to the Community!


Thanks for raising this with us. For us to have a better understanding on how we can assist you in addressing the voice quality for the homephone, can you answer the following questions:

  • Are you having trouble on both Outgoing and Incoming calls?
  • How is your phone connected? Is it straight to the modem itself?
  • How many phones are you using?
  • Do you use cordless phones?



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Hey Will

Thank you for your reply.
The voip service on the HFC line is very poor, outgoing or incoming. I have a cordless directly connected to the modem.

Everything is the same when i had ADSL 2 with TPG. Same equipment.
When i had 3 kids on you tube with ADSL 2 Voip, i would have the same problem.

But with HFC NBN, the line is always poor, we have made a decision to cancel the line. No point in paying for something that doesn't work well. The speeds we obtain on the HFC NBN are brillant, but the voip service is not fit for purpose.

Thankfully we don't need a home phone.
Thank you again

Hi @Mazza2035,


In case that you've decided to use the home phone, let us know so we can arrange a call from our Tech team to look into this further.