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Hoem Phone disconnected

Level 2

I recently request for my ADSL internet be cancelled as I am not using it 


To my horror, the home phone line has been disconnected and was told by a customer service officer at TPG that the line cannot be reinstalled 


I explicitly requested the internet service to be cancelled (due to an unreliable connection and poor service), and at no stage was I ever informed the home phone was at risk of disconnection 


I wish to have my home phone reinstalled immediately or I will need to forward this to the communications ombudsman 


Hi @ColinCarnegie1


The Internet and phone service that we provide is a bundled service. If you've decided to cancel the internet, then the phone service will be disconnected as well.

We'll raise your case with our Complaints resolution team; Customer relations and a case manager will be in touch with you to discuss this further.