Home 5G Broadband

Level 2

Dear TPG,


Your new Home 5G Broadband is quite appealing but you may consider to refine it to accommodate people who own landline phones.


True that Home 5G Broadband can offer to divert the calls to landline numbers to designated mobile numbers but it lacks the fixed charges that TPG NBN voice service offers for calls to landline numbers or 13numbers. It may be worth considering if you can offer as a package, say for an extra $10 per month, customers can have TPG Simms that offers what TPG NBN voice service is offering now.


Best Regards,




Hi @Vincent2022


We appreciate the feedback! 


The 5G service is a Fixed Wireless broadband service that is powered by 5G network and is the perfect alternative for NBN services. Pricing for our fast, no-fuss 4G and 5G fixed-wireless services continue to be as competitive as ever and is available at a much lower cost than similar speed NBN plans. It is true though that we can only divert calls from a landline as this is a wireless service. 


We have our TPG mobile plans which also offers great deals for calling purposes for almost the same price for the homephone add-on.