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For the past few weeks we have been experience call drop outs, when someone calls we have a conversation for less than a minute and then the line drops out, the issues occurs both when we make and receive a call.   Last night the internet on the tv was also dropping out.


Hi @Compact29


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We're able to locate your account using your given details and ran an initial test. The result shows a possible line fault causing dropouts to the service affecting both Internet and Home phone.


We'd like to have one of our Technicians to contact you for further investigation and real-time testing. PM us your best contact number and preferred time. In case you need a reference:


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Hi @Compact29


Based on the recent interaction on your account, the issue has now been escalated to our Engineering team for further investigation. An update should be provided as soon as it becomes available. 


Should you have further queries, you may reply to the SMS sent by one of our Engineers or let us know here.