Connection to NBN

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I have just connected my TPG modem to by fixed wireless NBN box and the internet is working,  however I also requested to hang onto my existing phone number 03 5148 0420 and this has not happened.  


can you assist please


Hi @ourakalc


Welcome to the Community! 


Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that you are unable to use the homephone service yet. 


Based on the account located using your Community details, the porting of your homephone has been successfully completed. Are you not able to make and receive calls? Have you performed basic troubleshooting such as checking if the phone cable is in the correct phone port, unplugging/reseating the phone cables? Is there no dial tone at all? 


Here's some Community articles to guide you in setting up your connection:

Should it still not work, kindly send us your best call back number as well as your most convenient time to receive a call via private message so we can organise a contact to be made from our Technical team for further assistance.