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Level 2

Hello everyone,

I have internet and home phone from TPG but do not have the $10 call pack.

I use a wirless hansdet that is linked to my mobile. I know I can receive incomming calls.

I simply need to know if I make a call using my handset (which will use my mobile to dial the number) would I still be charged from TPG for the call?

Thanks for your reply.



Level 15

Hi @vachick7 . Is your wireless handset a cordless phone connected to the router, or something else tethered to your mobile phone?

If you opted for the PAYG phone plan with your NBN internet and you haven't made a prepayment and your calls get through, then you aren't using TPG VOIP service.



Level 6

I used to have the PAYG phone plan with my NBN; TPG deducts $20 as a pre-paid amount and as you make calls and the amount decreases, TPG will again make another deduction when the amount remaining drops below $5 to top it back to $20.